APS Diversified Bond Fund: Distributor Class G

Interim Period EndingPrice Start PeriodPrice End PeriodDeclared DistributionDistribution Yield
Mar 20240.81470.86830.01413.47%
Sep 20230.83450.82760.01293.09%
Mar 20230.82040.84650.01202.93%
Sep 20220.91510.83380.01342.94%
Mar 20221.00630.92930.01422.83%
Sep 20211.00691.01840.01212.32%
Mar 20211.00041.01700.01012.11%
Sep 202011.00400.00361.71%


  1. Price Start Period is the price per share in the Fund on the last trading day of the previous period (Price End Period) less the Declared Distribution for the previous period. The Price Start Period on 15th July 2020 was the price per share in the Fund on its launching date.
  2. The Declared Distribution is the distribution per share in the Fund on the last day of the period net of charges, fees and expenses, as declared by the directors.
  3. The Price Start Period, the Price End Period and the Declared Distribution are denominated in GBP.
  4. The Distribution Yield is the annualised yield of the distribution using the Declared Distribution and the Price Start Period.

Source of information: ReAPS Asset Management Limited