APS Diversified Bond Fund

The APS Diversified Bond Fund endeavours to maximise total level of return to investors, primarily through investment in international debt instruments rated BBB (or equivalent) or lower by a reputable rating agency, or if unrated, deemed by the Investment Manager to be of equivalent credit quality. The Fund forms part of the APS Funds SICAV plc, an open ended Malta UCITS Collective Investment Scheme.

Investment Policy

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in government and corporate debt instruments denominated in any currency which may pay a fixed or floating rate coupon, and which will be rated or unrated. The bonds that will be held within the Fund will generally have a credit rating of BBB (or equivalent) or lower. However, investment in debt instruments of better quality will also be permissible. The Fund may also invest in UCITS-eligible Sukuk (Sharia-compliant debt-like instruments listed on the Approved Regulated Markets list), selected Collective Iinvestment Schemes and Exchange Traded Funds, as well as cash and term deposits.

Investment Grade Bonds

The Fund may invest in bonds (Sovereign and Corporate) rated investment grade by a reputable rating agency, or in the case of unrated bonds, are deemed to have an equivalent rating by the Investment Manager. The Fund may be fully invested in investment grade bonds.

Non-investment Grade Bonds

The Fund may be fully invested in sub-investment grade bonds or non-rated debt instruments.

There is no restriction on geographical allocation with respect to investments in bonds.

How may I invest?

We understand that every investor has different objectives.

You can invest in the APS Diversified Bond Fund in two different ways:

Savings Plan

If you would like to invest smaller sums or are looking at a savings plan, we offer the APS Diversified Bond Fund in the form of a monthly savings plan. From as little as €50 every month, this approach helps you build a portfolio in manageable monthly investments.

Lump Sum Package

Starting from a minimum investment of €2,000, this approach is perfect for you if you would like to invest a lump sum.

Take your time to evaluate which approach suits you best. Our professional team is focused on providing you with sound investment advice.

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